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Hi, I'm Honey

Honey is known for her work in the community. She has lived in the City since 1989 and for 9 years was President of the Vero Isles Homeowners Association where people lived as Good Neighbors.  She worked with city, county and state officials and staff to protect their community from unwelcome impacts of growth.

It was this same commitment to serve which brought her to a leadership role with the Indian River Neighborhood Association (IRNA), working for neighborhoods throughout the county to protect a quality of life that will continue to be enjoyed by future generations. She guided the IRNA's transition from political advocacy to one in which the issues affecting local communities has complete focus, removing it from political divisiveness.

The city is facing unique challenges such as the health of the Lagoon, the future of the Three Corners, the revitalization of downtown, and safety issues associated with Brightline. This in addition to more recent concerns regarding final plans for the Twin Pairs (SR60 through downtown) and the Alma Lee Loy (17th St.) Bridge closure. Honey is familiar with the governmental process to address these matters, "I have worked with local, state, and federal agencies for many years and know what it takes to get things done.  Above all, it is historic knowledge and respect for the people you work with and for those who live, work, and visit here. From this respect comes the ability to work towards solutions to these challenges. I have the experience and the commitment to serve my City and that is why I am seeking election to the City Council."

Pictured above, from left to right: Retired County Commissioner Peter O'Bryan, Honey Minuse, and Retired Indian River County Chamber of Commerce President, Penny Chandler at an IRNA Luncheon honoring Penny in her retirement.

Basic info on Honey Minuse

Date of Birth: 10/14/1943


City of Residence: Vero Beach


Political Party: office is nonpartisan

Office running for: Vero Beach City Council Member


Educational background: 

  • State University of New York at Stony Brook, Bachelor of Science 1977

  • Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1977

  • Licensed Registered Nurse, New York State 1977

  • Veterans Administration, "Principles of Patient Evaluation and Diagnosis" 1978

Current Occupation, Work History

  • Former Vero Beach City Council Member

  • Florida Registered Nurse, current license, non-practicing


Volunteer and civic engagement

  •  Vero Isles Association, President 9 years

  •  Vero Beach City Ad Hoc Noise Impact Committee, Chair; Ordinance adopted

  •  Vero Beach Planning and Zoning Board, 9 1/2 years, served as both Chair and Vice-Chair, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan was updated during this time.

  • Indian River Neighborhood Association (IRNA), Board Member Emeritus

  • Clean Water Coalition (CWC) the IRNA was a founding partner under my leadership.

  • Mental Health Collaborative of Indian River County - Ambassador


Why am I running for office?

It is an affirmation of dedication and commitment to serve my city, Vero Beach, and to which I bring significant factual historic and institutional knowledge. Such knowledge is essential to guide good decisions to provide for future generations in our city.



  1. Safety issues with Brightline starting operation through our city.

  2. Monitor impacts to neighborhoods, businesses associated with the 5 year partial closure of the Alma Lee Loy Bridge

  3. Finalize Plan with FDOT for SR60 (Twin Pairs) as prior Council approved with consideration of results of recent study authorized by the current City Council.

  4. Proceed with the process for Three Corners, Water Reclamation Facility, Marina

  5. Health of the Lagoon

  6. Downtown Master Plan

  7. Assure public notice/citizen participation throughout.

  8. Continue attending every Advisory Board/Commission/Committee meeting.  This gives me a good perspective on what matters to our citizens and directs my attention accordingly.

  9. Our Law Enforcement and City Workers are to be respected and commended for their service to our city

  10. Fiscal Responsibility will always be addressed.

    The above-mentioned items are always priorities. They cannot be separated.


What distinguishes me from my opponents in this race?

  • Experience and good, long-term relationships with citizens, elected officials and staff in our city, county, region and state has enhanced my ability to serve our city and has produced some significant accomplishments.  Testimony is available on this website.

  • I have served in the following capacities:

    • Florida League of Cities, Voting Delegate, Member Land Use and Economic Development Committee and the Advocacy Committee

    • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, Representing Vero Beach

    • Indian River County Metropolitan Planning Organization, Vice Chair


Have I ever filed for bankruptcy?


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