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Advocating for Vero Beach: A Tribute to Honey Minuse's Tireless Efforts

To Whom It May Concern,

I met Honey Minuse after my wife and I bought our winter home in Indian River County. This time frame was when the Brightline (then known as All Aboard Florida, or AAF) project was in its development and planning phases. As it happens, I have substantial railroad project experience after working for the Town of Cohasset, MA on a new rail line that was proposed and then constructed to run through Cohasset.

Consequently, Honey and I attended numerous meetings with Vero, county and state personnel, with the goal of attempting to understand the project and to provide the most protection for the residents of Vero Beach. During these many meetings, Honey was always very concerned about how this project would impact the Vero residents.

I might also say, that as I viewed Honey’s interests during my time in the area, that she fought tirelessly to improve the quality of life in Vero. She attended many key Vero and county meetings in her quest to meet that goal, and always seemed to have an excellent handle on the issues at hand.


Thomas Gruber

Alpharetta, GA

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